Tire Services

Westys now provides automotive and light truck rim/tire sales and installations. 

All major tire brands. Rims from RTX, DAI Wheels and RSSW.

Tire service installation and balancing snow, winter, summer, all-season and performance

At Westys, we can provide you with sales and installation of snow, all-season and performance tires. Whether you are looking for Winter steel rims or custom aluminum rims, we can get them for you.

Tire repairs

Tire installations

Wheel balancing

On and off rim tire swaps

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  • Off Rim Tire Change Overs $97.50

    We remove the original rims/tires off of the vehicle, unmount the tires, mount the new/used tires, balance, reinstall the new/used rims/tires on the vehicle and torque to manufactures specification. Then a free re-torque after 50km's. Please note that there may be additional charges for performance or oversized tires/wheels.

  • On Rim Tire Change Overs $35

    We remove the original Rims/Tires from the vehicle and install the new/used rims/tires on the vehicle. We then torque to manufacturers specification. You have the option of a rebalance for $20

  • Flat Tire Repair $35

    We unmount the tire from the rim, inspect for damage or internal wear, then install an internal plug if no damage found, remount the tire and re-balance the Rim/Tire.

All prices are plus HST