The Mamba Mount with A-MOD Desktop

Jotto Desk is upgrading and simplifying your on-duty officer experience with the Mamba Mount, a console side mount designed to work in each zone; Store & Drive, Park & Work, and Tactically Safe.

The Mamba Mount’s 12″ Extruded Motion Arm smoothly rotates from the driver to the passenger side with minimal force, no levers or brackets needed. You can quickly move and reset the Mamba Mount from the home position to a comfortable working position. Pull the rear Indexing Plunger to release the laptop and slide it forward to a working position.

When finished, simply reverse the process, pull the front indexing plunger and slide the laptop back to the home or store position. At full extension, the desktop tilts and swivels for the optimal working position. The Mamba Mount easily attaches to the majority of Jotto Desk Contour Consoles and any other standard console with side mount fittings and fits all Jotto Desk A-MOD Desktops.

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