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When officer safety is paramount, Westys Equipment is an industry leader in quality, reliable installs. We work with you to design a custom-tailored vehicle to meet your exact specification. From lighting packages to centre console and prisoner compartments, we do it all.

Westys Equipment prides itself in creating custom vehicle solutions for all police response vehicles. Our goal is to improve member safety using ergonomically designed equipment and vehicle integrated lighting packages for maximum visibility while responding. Westys Equipment strives for the highest quality of Police Vehicle Upfitting, allowing our clients the advantage of less down time for maintenance. We’ve partnered with vendors from all over Canada and the US to be able to bring you the highest quality equipment, specifically tailored to outfit police response vehicles.

Westys Equipment is pleased to be able to supply the following parts for install and purchase, so that your police response vehicles are custom built to your exact specifications.

Police Upfitting services we offer