Intermotive EcoStar III

Intermotive Vehicle Controls Launches The EcoStar III Module.



  • Automatically turns the engine off and on based on customizable conditions including low battery voltage, temperature, inputs or mobile app settings
  • Optimizes fuel economy and helps save money; may cut idle time by up to 50 percent
  • Key-out mode provides theft deterrent feature with transmission locked in Park
  • Reduces engine wear caused by idling
  • Lowers harmful carbon dioxide emissions and helps meet anti-idling regulations
  • Does not alter OEM powertrain calibrations
  • Includes Intermittent Fault Filter™ (IFF) technology to eliminate false readings
  • Uses Bluetooth and a mobile app to custom program module settings, enable manual remote stop/start and track fuel savings data
  • Automatic door lock/unlock feature uses InterMotive fob with AutoSense™ technology
  • Input allows for non-OEM door lock/unlock using OEM key fob; works on cabinets and auxiliary doors
  • Provides shift lock input to lock the shifter in Park (e.g., for shore power connection)
  • Includes ignition bypass solution to allow key-out function
  • Thermostat regulation option available to keep interior temperature comfortable for personnel or temperature-sensitive equipment
  • Optional Engine Off feature: shuts off the engine if the service brake is pressed without the fob detected (available on select chassis)

Westys Equipment offers sales and installation of all Intermotive modules. 

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